With the growing cases of COVID 19, we all are taking up steps to stay protected from the virus. There are many steps to keep ourselves protected, like social distancing, washing hands, disinfecting, and many more. Apart from these necessary steps, people wish to undergo more supplemental steps for avoiding the virus to the fullest. Similarly, people are looking towards purifying the air surrounding them to ensure 100% protection. But the question arises if filtering air helps in protecting us from COVID 19 or not.

As per WHO, COVID 19 is not an airborne disease, and hence there is less chance of it getting transferred through the air we breathe. But the answer to the question of whether air purifiers work in the case of the COVID 19 or not is that air purifiers generally filter particulate out of the air effectively. It is most needed in situations where you live in a particularly polluted environment, or you or your children are immuno-compromised.

In general, one of our country’s concerns is the polluted and toxic air that people breathe. We are concerned about out injuries, disease, in-take high dose medicines, built our immunity via pills, but what we forget is an essential thing – the air that we breathe, whose quality is degrading day by day.

There is a vast list of diseases other than COVID 19 that you can suffer from breathing toxic air. Some of them are – rashes, coughing, irritation in the eyes, and asthma-like symptoms. Every minute thing presents in your house, starting from the doormat to the mattress that you use can contain toxic germs and chemicals.

To name a few of them – Formaldehyde which is present in shaving creams, shampoos, insecticides, glues, etc. Poisonous gas is also present in cigarette smoke, which is a significant contribution to air pollution.

There are many trusted companies that sell medical equipment and products like Air purifiers and PPE kits which helps in Corona pandemic and one of them are oisto.

Some of the best ways to purify the surrounding air is listed below:

  1. Increase Ventilation:

Increasing ventilation means to let outside air pass in your home and reduce the moisture level, which is mostly the reason behind bad indoor air quality. It does not intend to open all the windows and doors and let all the polluted air enter your indoor surroundings. Instead, installing trickle vents to purify and cycle the air you breathe indoors is needed.

  1. Houseplants:

What works best at home and workplace is houseplants that provide an excellent environment to breathe and removes all the toxic gases from the surroundings. It is usually suggested that one should surely have one plant per 100 square feet of home for proper air purifying. It is also suitable for any member suffering from any respiratory disease.

  1. Salt Lamps:

Airborne irritants, pathogens, and allergens are reduced by salt crystal products which pulls water vapor out of the air. There is Himalayan pink salt with a natural ionic air purifier that tends to purify the air by removing toxins from the environment and neutralizing them.

Apart from these, there are many other ways to purify the surrounding air. HEPA purifiers are among the go-to’s for cleansing the particle pollutions. These blow the air through a filter and remove any particle present in the air. Along with these, keeping home clean is a must too to avoid unnecessary pollutants.

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