Process You Need To Follow To Become A Salehoo Drop Shipper

If you have checked the salehoo reviews online, you would have realized what is better for you as a drop shipper. According to which, there are many reviewing websites in line, which the salehoo is the best platform for a drop shipper. One can easily select from a list of products and wholesalers and sell them according to their resources.

As a drop shipper, you are free from the Salehoo side that how you have to sell the product. Also, it is the trusted website as it checks all the wholesalers joining the platform for selling. This platform drafts many rules to protect the seller and maintain a proper wholesaler to drop shipper balance.

 If you are not a member of this platform and want to join it as soon as possible, then here is the process you need to follow. So, let us hope into the Salehoo platform and start your drop shipper journey together.

  • If you visit the platform for the first time by checking out the salehoo reviewsthen the first step you need to take is to find the option of registration as the drop shipper.
  • The platform will ask out for your details like your name, address, and age. After filling out these details, you will be shifted to the next step. Here you have to provide your virtual identity for verification.
  • Later your contact details will be asked the Salehoo and verified. You will receive an OTP, which is to be entered into the platform. The next is your video identification. It process is done to check whether the person is the photo is you or not.
  • After the whole procedure of verification, you will be asked to enter your account details. It is important as whenever you sell something, you receive a commission. Tp receive it, you need to attach your bank account.,
  • Now you are into the platform and are exposed to the Salehoo directory.
  • Here you have to search for the product that you have thought of selling. There must be several wholesalers selling that product. With the help of salehoo reviews, you can check that which one is the best.
  • After you choose the product, find the one platform through which you will sell the product. You can also create a group through which you can make updates. The website is the best option or a drop shipper to sell their product.
  • After someone orders from you, you have to place the order with the seller and wait for the delivery and commission.


 So, have you checked out how simple is the process of registration to the salehoo platform? You have to sit down with a few stuff like your identity and photograph, and within minutes you will be a part of this prestigious drop shipping website. You are also not bound by the platform to ell the product of a single niche, but it would best for you if you select the one and grow better and better in that particular niche.

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